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About Me

I’m Alyson

I’m an artist from the Twin Cities

I create whimsical pictures of people as their robot-selves.


These lovingly hand-crafted “Robot-ification” drawings showcase a person’s endearing qualities, aspirations, and hobbies--the elements programmed into their personalities that make them uniquely wonderful.

Portrait of Alyson-1_edited.png

How It Began

  • Robotifying started several years ago. when I drew a picture for my father’s birthday.He is an avid collector of robots so I imagined what he’d look as a robot and then added enhancements to robotify his personality.

  • He was starting a Keto diet so I added a ketosis meter.

  • Extra outlets for his devices were necessary for technophile dad.

  • Multiple apple watches, a food scoop for his pets, and other elements integral to his daily life and personality were added.

  • His nickname is “Captain” so I created the “Captain-Bot – New and Improved”.

  • He was delighted by the illustration and showed it to his friends and colleagues.

  • Soon, others were asking to Robotify their family, friends, and clients. I started up “Robotify You VIP” and a business was born.

How It Began
Recent Examples

Some Recent Examples

The Robitify Process

How we can work together.

Email me at or fill out the form below.

Make a list of the attributes you’d like to have robotified. I would love to talk to you before starting, so if possible, let’s schedule a call


The cost of each hand-crafted robot is $150. It includes one rough draft and final version. I hope to work with you soon!


The Robitify Process

I start by getting a list of attributes and a picture of the person being robotified. I then craft a customized robot incorporating every feature their robot self would need.


I produce two versions: A draft version and final version in high-resolution

Here’s an example:


I’ve created dozens of robots like this and every one of them has been warmly received, framed and displayed. They make excellent, highlypersonal (and professionally appropriate), long-cherished gifts. 

Companies have even used them as portraits for top-achievers, revealing their Robotified portraits during award ceremonies.

I want my VIP Robotied!

Please email a photo to

Pat Bot.png

Thanks for ordering!

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